Special Needs Planning & Trust Services

As a Special Needs Trust Officer, trustee, or guardian, you hold a fiduciary role that encompasses intricate financial responsibilities and also involves optimizing the quality of life for beneficiaries with complex medical and special needs. It is important to fully understand each client’s unique care requirements to optimize the beneficiary’s quality of life while promoting independence, safety, and the overall health and well-being of the individual. Recognizing the gravity of these obligations, IKOR offers a suite of services tailored to address each individual’s unique care requirements.

  1. Independent Comprehensive Care Plan Assessments: This incorporates a multi-dimensional approach covering clinical care needs, actionable recommendations, implementation strategies, and quality assurance mechanisms.
  2. Asset-Preserving Social Services: Beyond basic care, we offer supportive programs and assistance designed to maximize care quality while judiciously managing the estate’s financial assets.
  3. Advocacy in Housing, Education, and Vocational Needs: We act as committed advocates to secure appropriate housing and educational facilities, as well as vocational training, thereby facilitating a well-rounded approach to the beneficiary’s needs.
  4. Long-Term Quality-of-Life Projections and Financial Analysis: Our team is skilled in preparing in-depth financial and care projections to aid in your long-term planning for beneficiaries, ensuring sustained quality of life.
  5. Ongoing Quality Assurance: We conduct regular follow-ups to measure the efficacy of care plans and make adjustments as needed, thereby ensuring the highest standards of care are consistently met.
  6. In-Home Service Coordination: Understanding that comfort is often found at home, we arrange and coordinate all necessary in-home services.
  7. Mitigation of Financial Exploitation and Predatory Behavior: As part of our fiduciary duty, we offer robust solutions to safeguard against financial exploitation and other forms of predatory behavior.
  8. Executor and Estate Administration Assistance: We provide hands-on support for executors, assisting in the streamlined administration of estates.
  9. Agent Services for Trustee, POA, and/or Guardian: Additional services include acting as an agent for you in various capacities, offering specialized expertise to make your role more efficient and effective.

IKOR delivers these services with an underlying commitment to promoting independence, safety, and the overall health and well-being of each individual beneficiary. Our approach is not merely to meet but to exceed the complex care requirements that come with serving individuals with special needs.