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As a trusted advisor to seniors, individuals with disabilities, their families, and the many professionals who support them, we understand how valuable your time is and the importance you place on being helpful to your clients. By working with IKOR, you can prioritize the specialized work you do and use IKOR to help you meet your clients. Whether you need an independent third-party care plan and/or assessment, help selling an asset, communicating to heirs, gathering documents, inventorying assets, or terminating utilities and other personal services on behalf of an estate, IKOR can carry the administrative burden and leave the legal and financial planning work to you.

We understand your reputation is based on the quality of advice you provide your clients. When you refer to us, we will always work to protect the relationship you have with your client.

What to Expect When You Work with Us

Responsiveness: We are prompt to respond to your questions and always take the time to help you understand our recommendations. We are proactive in our communication and will keep you informed every step of the way.

Focus: Our attention to detail sets us apart. Our Managing Director, Registered Nurse Advocates, and Client Care Specialists have all received special training and carefully document all details related to your client’s case.

Confidentiality:  We understand that you may handle the very intimate details of your client’s life. We will always go above and beyond to ensure your client’s confidentiality and maintain their privacy.

Outcome-Driven: We take an active role, partnering with you to address the challenges your clients face and help set them on a path to a fulfilled life.

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